Pop Folk Man!!Rahim is writes and performs melodies more comfortable than a feather bed and comfortable as your favorite sneakers. A Troubadour or fullband, Rahim gets inside of you with his feel good melodies.

Rahim has released his 3rd solo album , Ghost Hunting, in Dallas.

Live shows will move you. If you are out of town, get in touch and we will be there.

…My name is Rahim Quazi and I write and play music. I have played all my life starting with duets with my brother in front of company, We sang Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

I used to play in OHNO too which was a fantastic band that took me on a wild ride with the brass ring just inches away.

Now, I play my music with my group of brotherly musicians. This is my vision, my heart, with the goal of writing, recording, and performing honest melodic music.