March 2012 – Note from Rahim

Hello out there.

Are your days as strange as mine?? I mean so much transition. It is enough to make me dizzy and it has for months. But, for me, it all ends up in my music. Moods and situations pretty much all make it to a song.

So, the album——-after 4 trips to New Orleans with our friend, Rick Nelson, I am at the mixing stage. The goal is to have a relase in May. This means much frantic work in the next month. In the end, it will be something I am very proud of. Look out for a few samples to be put on the site. soon!!
Keep checking.

Some other music news—-much of my music has been placed on many web ads. I never get specific details, but I do get occasional checks in the mail showing which songs have been used. So, don’t be surprised when you hear a familiar voice on your pc:))

Thank you all for your love and interest in me and my music. In these crazy windy hearted days, I need that.