Hello and happy summer!

 I wanted to share a bit about what the next few months will hold for my music. The new album is underway (finally!!). I will soon spend time with Salim at Pleasantry Lane in Dallas working on drum tracks and more—and then th 1st week in August, I will be recording in New Orleans at Rick Nelson’s studio. Th goal is to have a finished album by summer’s end. Wish me luck! So, in order to really focus, I am not going to play many if any love shows for a while. This was, my music will be fresh when I release my album. Does that make sense?? I hope so. I can say that my last show at The Kessler opening for Ian Moore was a highlight. Having Jeremy Hull on my right playing stand up bass and bowing–and Mark landson on my left playing his viola sent me to another dimension. Such excellence and friendship on stage. That is what it is all about to me! So, please keep checking in and before we know it, a release concert! yes!!
Love, Rahim