December 2010


This year got off to a very tough start with my best friend in life in the hospital with a brain tumor. He lived thankfully and is well now, but it stirred up a mighty wind in me.

As a writer, I express long after events take place for some reason. In this case, i am just now wording my songs with that near miss. So strange is the creative journey.

I thought my album would be recorded by now. Instead my songs keep evolving with this new tough inspiration. I am whittling away, but not done. My new goal is to be ready to release in late winter.

On another happy note, the live shows have been very uplifting for all involved. what a band!! and what sweet crowds.

On the horizon, Eat-A-CD is ready and waiting to release my next album in the U.K., A few songs are still in rotation on a few tv shows, and a West Coast tour is forming.

Thank you again and again for keeping up with my endeavers.